Fundraising Goal: $60,000

Thanks to the generous financial support of many, to date, we have raised over $30,000 toward our goal of $60,000 for the restoration and modernization of the Lithuanian Music Hall. Much work is already underway or completed:

•    The Club Room with its original Art Deco Bar, has been repainted with new lighting installed;
•    New flooring has been installed throughout the lower level;
•    The Museum of Lithuanian Culture has been renovated and new shelving and display cases installed;
•     The Center’s collection of books and other printed materials has been catalogued so that members, scholars and genealogists can more easily search our archives. The cataloguing of the Center’s collection of Lithuanian art and artifacts is underway.

We’ve made progress, however, there are still much renovations and upgrades to be done as part of our Master Plan. Every dollar raised through fundraising, hall rentals and special events goes directly to operating expenses and improvements.

Over $1,000 or More

Virgus and Kristina Volertas

Janina Adelhardt

Leonard Linas and Nerija Orentas

Vytautas and Ale Maciunas

Virgis Anusauskas

Terese Vekteris

Meredith Klein and Matthew McLaughlin

Juris and Aldona Balodis

Between $500 and $1,000

Loreta Garretson -Vaivilavicius

George Sirusas

Edgaras Buivydas

Augustinas Satas

Irina Melikova

 Laurynas and Indra Kalasauskas

Marius Karusevicius

Chad Adelhardt

Remigijus Sadauskas

Jonas and Victoria Maciunas

Ausra Maknys

Amber Roots

Knights of Lithuania

Stephanie Keckseisen

Exelon on behalf of Eric Helt

Daumantas Matulis

Jonas and Vitalijia Duncia

In honor of Viktoras and Alfonsa Jokubaitis

John and Monica Schmidt

M and D Laniauskas Family

Warren Petchalonis

Anthony X. Petchalonis

Anthony T. Petchalonis

Johnson & Johnson

Joanne Utkus

In Loving Memory of Julia Danta

In Memory of Albert and Emily Mikutis

Between $100 and $500

Johan and Monica Sirusas

Dalia R Jakas

Kristina & Gintaras Antanavicius

John Howes, Jr

Joseph and Bridget Kasinskas

Mildred Helt

Peter Sirusas

Lithuanian Athletic Club Inc

Malvina Petronyte

Brian Streeper

jurgita Sakalyte

Joan Preso

Mary Ellen Perhosky

Albert Mikutis

Krista Bard

Terese Geycs

Diane J Phillips

Adria And Oleks Levtchenko 

Ross and Rasa Brittain

Juris Balodis

Rimantas Jonauskas

Dorothy Traczyk  

In memory of Michael & Mary Maleckas

Gregory Gadren

Ausra Baron

Less than $100

Karyn Kernagis and Family

Stanley Rimdzius

irma salininiene

Jessica Streeper

Gina Pleskunas

Stanley Rimdzius

MIchael Paulauskas

Emily Baran

Colette Kiveris

Algis Ratnikas

Albert Krenagis

Peter Williams

Lorraine Simonis

Kathleen Williams

Nadia Hewka

Shannon Tomanovich

Julia Tomanovich

Angelina Sciolla

Yozallinas Family

Vaida Meizys

John A Tomanovich

Alexa Chudzinski

Clifford and Ann Wagner

Daiva Jarasius


Birute Mockiene

Egle Dykhne

Robert and Patricia Rakitis

Margaret and Stephen Benson

Gilija Aukstikalnis

Jurgita Bennett

Ds Sulaitis

Dovile Sagatiene

Antonio Valone

Susan Frankensteen

Steven Epstein

Jeffrey Zoba

Zachary Smith

Harry Griffin

Gail Scarpone

Lietuviska Prekyba

Sara Healy

Randal Baron

Andrey Staniukynas

Gintautas Åvedas

Buchinsky Family

Darius Mateliunas

Randal Baron

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